Fuan Electronics Year-end Summary & 2022 Work Deployment Conference was held successfully

The Year 2021 Fuan Electronics Year-end Summary Conference and 2022 Work Deployment Conference was carried out smoothly


At 1 o'clock in the afternoon on 23rd this month, the year 2021 Fuan Electronic Year-end Summary Conference (and 2022 work deployment) was launched smoothly. The main venue was in Fuan Nantong conference room, and four sub-venues Tianchang Fuan, Yangzhou Office, Shanghai Office and Shenzhen Office participated online.


Nantong main venue

The meeting was presided over by Min Wangle from general manager office. The main participants were Senmao Lin, chairman of Fuan Electronics. Senior management of the company, ministers and supervisors of different departments, and some office staff representatives.


Tianchang sub-venue

The meeting mainly summarized from the following three aspects.

First, the performance indicators and key work in 2021; second, the difficulties, problems and improvement measures in the work in 2021; third, the work objectives and measures in 2022.

Fuan electronics chairman Lin Senmao spoke at the beginning. Sales vice President Shao Shenlin, Vice President of production and operation Wang Xiguo, Nantong factory general manager Ma Jiujin, head of Shanghai Office Ai Chuanjun, head of Shanghai Office Chen Xiaoping, finance minister Li Juan, quality assurance dept. Manager Li Dengbao, General manager Office Director Wang Min, supply chain minister Song Yanping, totally about 20 people made their personal annual report.


Yangzhou sub-venue

At the end, Chairman Lin Senmao summarized the meeting, he affirmed the achievements and progress in the past year, and was pleased with the achievements made by Fuan Electronics. Meanwhile, he put forward the ardent hope and requirements. He also gave pertinent suggestions and improvement measures, which make each department more clear our focus and direction in the future, together for a better tomorrow of Fuan.


编 辑:蒋郑

审 核:王敏

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