They are the best employees of Fuan!

On the 12th of the this month,we held the third quarter outstanding staff commendation conference in the headquarters of FUAN production factory, all the employees of the workshop participated in the conference, workshop director Wang Xiguo hosted and delivered a speech.

Factory director Wang Xiguo made a brief summary and evaluation of the workshop production situation in this quarter at the conference, and put forward a series of problems existing in the workshop, and expected employees of all departments to pay attention to them.

Subsequently, Director Wang announced this quarter outstanding staff representatives to accept the honor. He said that seven excellent employees set an example of fulfilling duties in their respective work areas, and praised Qu Erqin, one of the quality staff, as "a little fire expert". 

Director Wang personally awarded the certificates of honor and commemorative prizes and bonuses to seven excellent employees to encourage them to continue to maintain good working conditions in the following life.

Finally, Director Wang took a photo with seven excellent employees and expressed his expectation for the next quarter's excellent employees.


文/图:蒋郑 芦艺

编 辑:蒋郑

审 核:王敏

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