Fuan participate the Smart Tianchang Industry Development Forum and Project Signing Ceremony

Fuan Electronics participate 

the "Smart Tianchang Industry Development Forum and Project Signing Ceremony"

Held by the CPC Tianchang Municipal Committee and Tianchang Government of the People’s Republic of China at 9:00 a.m. today, the “Smart Tianchang Industry Development Forum and project contract signing ceremony”, organized by the Organization Department of the CPC Tianchang Municipal Committee, Tianchang Economic Cooperation Center and Shanghai Tianchang Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, was successfully held in the hall of Chuzhou International (Hongqiao) , Hongqiao World Center, Qingpu district, Shanghai. Lin Senmao, the Chairman of Fuan Electronics participate in the signing ceremony with projects. 

This forum takes “Join elite from all walks of life to build a beautiful Tianchang” as the theme. Implementing the requirements for deploying the Eleventh Party Congress of Anhui Province and the Seventh Party Congress of Chuzhou,vigorously advancing the first strategy of “Dual recruitment and dual citation,”and comprehensively expandinmatchg achievements in foreign exchanges and cooperation.

Before the signing ceremony, Jiaping He, the Party secretary of Tianchang, made a speech on the theme of the Forum, expressing high hopes and expectations for the signing projects of the forum.

The signing ceremony officially began at 10:00. Our chairman, Lin Senmao, signed a contract with professor and doctoral adviser Zou Jun for the project “Research and development of high-efficiency radio frequency power modules for 5G base stations”,  and signed contract with Dr. Zou Jun as full-time cooperation with Fuan electronics, Tianchang Fuan Electronics Co. , Ltd. . formal participation in the project research.

After the signing ceremony, chairman Senmao Lin shook hands with the project partners and took a group photo as a souvenir. The signing ceremony of the Smart Tianchang Industrial Development Forum project was a complete success.

文/图:蒋  郑

编 辑:蒋  郑

审 核:邵申林

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