How to deal with the motor and circuit breaker of the front end in the system?

When there is a strong interference from the motor and circuit breaker at the front end of the module, the interference equivalent model is the rapid transient pulse group interference in EMC, which will cause crash to customer system processor. It is recommended that EMC filter to be added at the front end of the module.

Why does the product work on empty or light load with howling phenomenon?

In order to improve the efficiency and standby power consumption under low power conditions, AC-DC products work in the cycle jump mode under light load conditions. At this time, the product is in the frequency conversion mode (the normal working cycle is 65KHZ or 100KHZ), the output voltage changes greatly, and the ripple is relatively high, but the output voltage is stable.It is normal to have a large ripple at a light load (less than 10%). To avoid this situation, it is recommended that the customer use the load of not less than 10%.

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