What is a high-frequency transformer?

High frequency transformer is a power supply transformer with operating frequency exceeding medium frequency (10kHz), mainly used for high frequency switching power supply, but also for high frequency inverter power transformer and high frequency inverter power supply. According to the working frequency, it can be divided into several levels: 10kHz-50kHz, 50kHz-100kHz, 100kHz~500kHz, 500kHz~1MHz, and above 10MHz.

How to reduce the leakage inductance?

1. Reduce the number of turns of the primary winding;

2. Increase the width of the winding (for example, select the EE type core to increase the skeleton width b);

3. Increasing the height and width ratio of the winding is to reduce the thickness of the winding and increase the height of the winding;

4. Increase the degree of coupling between the windings.

5. Reduce the number of turns of the winding, and choose magnetic materials with high saturation magnetic induction strength and low loss;

6. Reduce the insulation thickness between the windings as much as possible.

7. Step-down transformer, secondary winding sandwiched in the middle of the primary winding; booster transformer, primary winding sandwiched in the middle of the secondary winding.

8. Double winding or multi-line main winding

9. interlayer winding method is obvious to improve the sense of leakage

10. Reduce the air gap (if it cannot be reduced, you can use larger magnetic core), which is more obvious to improve the leakage sense

11. The secondary corresponds to the middle of the primary, at least do not deviate, to improve the sense of leakage is also more obvious

12. Reduce the primary and secondry turn ratio,  have some impact on improving the leakage

13. If the secondary winding layer is not full, it can be evenly wrapped over a layer, which has a little impact on improving the leakage

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